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Teste seu inglês

Test your English

For the questions below, please choose the best option to complete the sentence or conversation.

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1. What’s his typical week like?

2. So, what are they doing on Saturday?

3. Would you like pizza or hamburguer?

4. Where were they last night?

5. I broke my leg.

6. Let’s go fishing.

7. Could you please open the window?

8. What do you like to do in your free time?

9. I don’t have a computer at home. I ______ at work.

10. Today is Sunday. The day after tomorrow is ______.

11. It’s 9:00 A.M. I’m meeting Josh at 5:00 P.M. We’re meeting ______.

12. I’d like something to eat. Could you get me some ______.

13. Are you going shopping? We need a _____ of wine.

14. It’s April. Jane’s birthday was three months ago. Her birthday was in _______.

15.The stove is in the ______.

16. Sandy’s hair isn’t wavy. It’s _______.

17. Mary ______ right now.

18. When my sister is late for class, she ______ on her makeup in the car.

19. Paul ______ his sister yesterday, but she wasn’t there.

20. If we _____ home, we’re going to relax.

21. Excuse me. I’m looking for the Art Gallery.

22. -Tell me something about your trip to London. -Sure. _______.

23. Where is he off to?

24. How would you like to pay for it?

25. Can we make the 7:00 train?

26. Paul and Jim are brothers. Paul’s daughter is Jim’s:

27. You use a ______ to text friends.

28. Milk is a dairy and ______ is a grain.

29. Sam rarely exercises. She’s really ______.

30. Woman’s pantyhose is in the ______ department.

31. The concert is ______ Friday night, July 12th.

32. ______ your brother work?

33. They ______ a new smart TV this afternoon.

34. ______ some orange juice in the fridge

35. There is spaghetti on the menu. ______ spaghetti comes with salad.

36. Ben wants to go to Jim’s party, but he has a test tomorrow. He ______ study tonight.

37. I never ______ the house.

38. I’ll take the blue T- shirt. Can you gift wrap ______ for me?

39. What ______ for dinner yesterday?

40. These shoes aren’t ______. They’re very uncomfortable.

41. She ______ her best friend in 1995.

42. Jenny has ______ been to Japan.

43. We ______ in Canada since 1998.

44. ______ her later?

45. We ______ make a reservation as soon as possible. That hotel is very popular.

46. Luckily we ______ a helmet when we had the accident.

47. I didn’t buy ______ sunscreen at the drugstore.

48. We ______ to work out more frequently.

49. I am tired ______ working long hours.

50. That picture ______ by my father in 1959.

51. Our old computer was ______ fast as the new one. The new one is much faster.

52. Is this bicycle ______?

53. If they eat in a restaurant they ______ the bill.

54. If I found a smart phone, I ______ it.

55. A ______ fil is very stranger or unusual in a negative way.

56. In a car, the light that shows the direction you want to turn is the ______.

57. A ______, hair conditioner, and a hair spray are hair care products.

58. - ______ ? - No. It’s my first time!

59. You look down. What’s up?

60. Be sure not to miss the Golden gate while you’re in S. Francisco.

61. I’m late, ______ I?

62. I ______ that book when I got it on my birthday.

63. He lost a filling, so he ______ dentist.

64. My wife needs to have this gown ______by Friday.

65. He got his father ______ the wedding.

66. Nancy ______ be a doctor, but she changed her mind.

67. Luke ______ married Pat. They would have been happy.

68. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a holiday ______ in Japan every spring.

69. Helen invited her friends ______ for dinner on Friday.

70. Could you tell me ______?

71. If I were you, I ______ buy it.

72. They ______ lost if they had called in advance for directions.

73. ______ the topic of the international conference.

74. Our parents encouraged ______ early.

75. It’s too dangerous ______ swimming in that river.

76. Valencia is ______ the east coast of Spain.

77. Each country has customs and traditions about how to behave in social situations. They are called ______.

78. ______ happens when there is no rain for a long period of time.

79. – Sorry, we’re late. We got lost. - ______

80. - ______ - No, I’m just browsing.

81. I remember ______ Christmas with my family when I was young.

82. Oh no! Yesterday was my father’s birthday, and forgot ______ him.

83. How many times ______ to a rock concert this year?

84. Lian asked me ______ I had bought the tickets.

85. I intend ______ some money to buy a new car.

86. By this time next year, Alex ______ his studies and will be working as an enginner.

87. ______, I would have lent you money.

88. ______ young people today prefer to dress casually.

89. Not only ______ here, but they didn’t call either.

90. Neither my father nor my brother ______.

91. We can’t stand ______ talking during the movie.

92. Wild animals shouldn’t ______ as pets.

93. Mr. Smith needs this report for a meeting on Tuesday. It ______ be finished on time.

94. We don’t appreciate ______ forced to watch commercials in a movie theater.

95. The younger people are when they marry, ______ children they have.

96. I’m going to wear that ______ T- shirt.

97. Carl spends money carelessly, even when he doesn’t have a lot of it. He’s ______.

98. Claire is so ______. She believes everything she hears.

99. - ______ - No. But I wish I did. Why do you ask?

100. -______ - What’s the matter with it?

101. I still ______ my mind about what I’ll do after school.

102. My cousin loves to travel. He ______ over twenty countries.

103. People ______ break their promises can’t be trusted.

104. Josh didn’t see Jennifer at the party. When he arrived, she ______.

105. I suggested that Dan ______ us there at 8:00 P.M.

106. I really hope that George ______ too many hours this weekend.

107. I don’t believe in ______.

108. If Kathy ______ the luggage limits, she would have avoided extra charges.

109. Dianne had made a reservation, she ______ in this predicament.

110. We will meet at the mall at 11:00 A.M. ______ it rains.

111. Her interview went very well. ______, she didn’t get the job.

112. The scientists reported that their new study ______ the following week.

113. In the future more and more ______ powered by an alternative energy source.

114. If gunpowder hadn’t been invented, other tools of war ______.

115. Marina has never studied Spanish but she has ______ a lot of Spanish words from TV movies, and the internet.

116. I need to clean my bedroom, but I’ve been putting ______.

117. James said some pretty insulting things to him, but he decided not to let it bother him. He just ______.

118. To do this job successfully, one has to deal with difficult situations all the time. If he/she ______, it may be the job for him/her.

119. - Did you hear the one about the nurse? - No, ______

120. - ______. - Well, you can’t be good at everything.

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